PP (Phase Portrait)

What's this ?

To analyze the differential equations or the difference equations, we need to solve their equations numerically and display the solution of the equation on an arbitrary phase plane in real time. In other words, this tool visually displays the dynamic response of the system. Using this tool, it is possible to capture attractors such as equilibrium points, limit cycles, or confirm bifurcation occurrence caused by changes in parameters.


Main Panel

By pressing the Named buttons on the main panel, the respective panels will switch between displayed and hidden.

  • Initial Values
    • The initial values with respect to the state variables. These can be imported from a file, or input directly in the respective fields.


  • Parameters
    • The parameters included in the system. Parameter values can be increased or decreased using the ”+””-” buttons.


  • Plots
    • states flow: Decides whether or not to display the result of the numerical integration in the list box(see below) at all times or not.
    • Orbit: Decides whether or not to display the orbit in the figure window or not.
    • Poincare: If a limit cycle or a periodic solution is observed, a decision is made whether or not to display the sequence of points on the Poincare map or not.
    • Period: Corresponds to the number of points on the Poincare section, the period of a periodic solution or a periodic point.


  • Output file
    • This field is used to set how the calculation results are output as a file.
    • Check Button: When this check button is checked, the file name to be saved can be input. The orbit data is saved to the file specified in the Orbit field, and the sequence of points in the Poincare map is saved to the file in the Map field. };
    • Endtime: Sets the time when the calculation ends. By using the radio buttons, either Unlimit, or the amount of periodic data to be saved are selected.


  • Start(Pause), Stop, Clear, Status
    • Start(Pause): Button to start a simulation. If the Start button is pressed, the button will change to the Pause button. When the Stop button is pressed, the button will go back to the Start button.
    • Stop; Stops simulation.
    • Clear: Clears figure windows.
    • Status: Displays current states consisting of the state variables and parameters in a list box on the Main panel.


Menu Bar

  • File
    • clear:If selected, clears to the configuration when PP was started up


    • Import : Imports previously saved PP settings and initial condition files.
      • PP save file : Imports previously saved PP configurations (XML file)
      • Initial values text : Imports contents of a text file into Initial Values and Parameters fields (text file)


  • Export : Exports all current PP settings or exports initial values and parameters into a text file.
    • PP save file : Exports current PP settings (XML file)
    • Initial values text : Exports data in Initial Values and Parameters fields as text data (text file)


  • Close : Quit PP


  • Program
    • SE : Starts the SE panel for the current Project.
    • PP : Starts the PP tool for the current Project.
    • FIX : Starts the FIX tool for the current Project.
    • BF : Starts the BF tool for the current Project.
    • BFP : Starts the tool for making a bifurcation diagram.


  • Project
    • Change Project: This is used to generate a project other than the current generated project, or to load already existing projects.


  • Tools
    • Import status : Used to apply the current states to various fields*1.
    • Export current status : Used to export various values when the dynamical behavior is achieved to a steady-state (state variables, parameters) to FIX tool*2.


  • Setting
  • Help
    • Manual:Start up the manual of PP.
      • Select Japanese or English

        (a) Selection of the Manual

        (b) Start up the PP manual

    • about BunKi:A brief introduction of BunKi software.
      • Version information, contact lists to developer team, credit, etc.

        (a) Selected about BunKi

        (b) Display the credit for BunKi

*1 For details, refer to How to reflect the steady-state condition to various fields ?
*2 For details, refer to How to pass initial conditions to FIX ?

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