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How to draw Bifurcation diagrams from data

In the case that the calculation of the bifurcation have finished by using BF, the user has to display the result as a bifurcation diagram. Data are include values of system parameters, state variables, eigenvalues, etc. Actually, when drawing a 2-parameter bifurcation diagram, the user has to make a data set consisting of bifurcation parameter values and display them by using a plotting software. BFP is a tool that displays 2-parameter bifurcation diagrams from calculated data. The calculated data are saved to the BF_data directory in the Project directory.


  1. Select Program -> BFP from the menu of BF tool(or other tools), and then start up BFP.


  2. Select File -> Add Files or click the + buttonĄ„ Start up the Select Files to Open window.



  3. Select data to draw the 2-parameter bifurcation. In the selection of multiple data sets, click Shift + files or Ctrl + files.


  4. Click Plot button, and then display the bifurcation diagram.



How to display kinds of bifurcation set

When the user draws a bifurcation diagram, it is possible to display symbols with each curve to explicit the kinds of bifurcations. The correspondence between the symbols and bifurcations is as follows:

List of the symbols
Saddle-node bifurcation of an equilibrium pointeSN
Hopf bifurcation of an equilibrium pointH
Pitch-fork bifurcation of an equilibrium pointePf
Saddle-node bifurcation of a fixed pointSN
Period-doubling bifurcation of a fixed pointPD
Neimark-Sacker bifurcation of a fixed pointNS
Pitch-fork bifurcation of a fixed pointPf

  1. Select Setting -> Preferences.


  2. Start up Preferences window


  3. Check the box of Set Type Name to Bifurcation Curve.


  4. Added symbols to each bifurcation curve.


How to exchange the parameter drawing as X-axis for that of Y-axis

It is possible to switch the X-axis and Y-axis parameters when the user draws a two-parameter bifurcation diagram. The method is as follows:

  1. Select Setting -> Preferences.


  2. Start up Preferences window.


  3. Check the box of Exchange the parameter of X-axis for that of Y-axis.


  4. Before and after the exchange, the parameters of x-axis and of y-axis are exchanged.


    (a) Before the axes exchange


    (b) After the axes exchange

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