About BunKi

How to start the usage of BunKi”©

  1. Download the current version of BunKi from the following website:
  2. Install and configure the BunKi, for detailed see Usages of BunKi.

How to generate a Project*1 ?

  1. Start up MATLAB
  2. Start up BunKi by running the following command in the Command window.
    >> BUNKI
  3. Start up the Project selection window. Note that the start-up directory distinct differs among users and MATLAB versions. In this case where use MATLAB 2007a on Windows OS, first start-up directory is as follows:
    C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\MATLAB~


  4. Write a project name to Name field in Select BUNKI Project directory window. After that, press the OK button. In this case, the project &color(red){Henon} is generated as a new project.


  5. When selecting a Project, System Editor(SE) starts up. If the Project directory cannot be found or does not exist, you will be asked whether to create a new project or not. Select Yes to create a new project.


  6. Starts up SE tool(system editor)


How to run with a option ?

It is possible to provide options to the BUNKI command. The user can directly start up PP, FIX, BF*2.

BunKi can be launched by a command with options as follow:

>>BUNKI -(option) (Project Name)

The provided options are as follows:

  • none: start up SE(default)”„
  • pp: start up PP.
  • fix: start up FIX.
  • bf: start up BF.


  1. Project Name is needed to describe Full path of the project directory.
  2. If Project Name is correct, then the project is loaded. After that, the System Editor(SE) starts up.
  3. The Project selection window opens when you have not described the Project Name, for details refer to How to generate a Project ?.
  4. If the directory of Project Name does not exit, chose whether to create a new project or not.

*1 Project means a working directory that is produced when you generate analysis tools.
*2 You must fulfill all the requirements to finish making PP, FIX, and BF tools.

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