About PP parameter

How to change parameters using key input

Parameter vales can be changed during simulations in real time. The two methods are as follow:

  1. Click the parameter increase/decrease button in Main panel with the mouse.
  2. CThrough keyboard input.

Here, the steps to change parameter values using key input are explained.

Keys from a to zare assigned to parameters in order during system generation. When the mouse cursor is over the drawing window, parameters can be increased or decreased by pressing the key corresponding to the parameter to be changed.

As a rule, lower-case alphabet key input indicates a decrease in parameters, and upper-case alphabet key input indicates an increase in parameters. In other words, pressing the a key decreases the value of the assigned parameter, while pressing A, i.e., shift + a key, increases it.

The assignment of keys and increase/decrease steps can be changed through the Parameter option.

  1. Select Setting -> Parameter.


  2. Start up ''Configuration window.


  3. To change the key input configuration, select the key to be assigned from the pull down menu. To change the increase / decrease steps, change the increase / decrease step value in the corresponding field.


  • The following keys are configured as allocated keys.
    • Ctrl + p : Pause (Pause drawing of figure)
    • Ctrl + s : Status(Check current status)
    • Ctrl + space : Clear(Clear drawing in window)

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