-&size(15){[[SE>SE_en]] : System Editor};
--An editor that describes the system equations, and automatically generates analysis tools.
-&size(15){[[PP>PP_en]] : Real-time Simulator};
--A real-time simulator for the system. The solution starting from an arbitrary initial value can be displayed on various phase planes or as a time course.
-&size(15){[[FIX>FIX_en]] : Fixed point tracker tool};
--The parameter value that changes the stability of attractor, e.g., an equilibrium point, a periodic point, and a limit cycle, is searched, when the system parameters change.
-&size(15){[[BF>BF_en]] : Bifurcation curve tracker tool};
--Bifurcation curves are tracked on an arbitrary parameter plane.
-&size(15){[[BFP>BFP_en]] : Making tool of a 2-parameter bifurcation diagram};
--It makes a graph as a 2-parameter bifurcation diagram from the calculated bifurcation curves.


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